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Meals with Midgi: A Taste of Spring (May it Arrive Soon!)

Blackened Salmon

Springtime seems to have skipped Juneau.  Oh we did have a few weeks of sunny weather, which was much appreciated by all of us locals, even though the temperatures were still rather chilly.  However, May and June are normally the driest and warmest months here.  Not so much this year. In May we had rain…

Let’s Talk Tastings – Deckhand Dave’s

Food Truck

Although there are no roads in or out of Juneau, the city boasts a vibrant food truck industry. Between tacos, pizza, bar-be-cue, and even kelp salsa, hungry visitors and locals are assuredly able to find something to sate their appetites. Juneau Food Tours is proud to include the very popular food truck, Deckhand Dave’s, as…

Meals with Midgi: Minkie’s Coconut Cake

coconut cake

Life is short, eat dessert first. This is something The Captain says at least twice, maybe three times a week. He loves desserts. Fortunately, his 6’4” frame can handle eating a few sweets more than once a week. One of my greatest pleasures is cooking for him, and although I’m not much of a baker,…

Meals with Midgi: When a taco isn’t just a taco

Jimboys Taco

There’s something about tacos. They are magical food. Take an ordinary corn or flour tortilla, fry it just a bit, then fill it with whatever your heart desires. I’ve written about my quest to eat fish tacos at every place available in Juneau. I am still looking for suggestions, so please keep them coming. There’s…

Meals with Midgi: Life Sure is Peachy


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my third International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC). This annual event brings together 300 or more men and women who photograph, research and write about food and the culinary industry. In other words, they’re my kind of people. The 2016 conference was held in Sacramento, the Farm…