LET’S TALK TASTINGS – McGivney’s Downtown

When one thinks of Alaskan food, the first thing to come to mind is seafood. We locals like to boast that Alaska offers THE best seafood. Not only is it fresh from the cold Pacific waters, it’s also wild. Alaska does not have fish farms. In fact, it’s in the state constitution fish farming is not allowed. But what if fish isn’t your thing? On occasion we will host a guest or two who is leery of seafood.


Guests of Juneau Food Tours are delighted to find a “little sumpin’”from Juneau’s Chef Stef in their gift bags. Chef Stef is a local baking and candy-making celebrity. A long-time Juneau local hailing from Flushing, New York, she combines her passions for food and art into treats that are as beautiful as they are tasty. Chef Stef’s street cred is formidable.


Culinary host Terri Mills and Juneau have one thing in common:  they both love Coasties! Terri’s “Coastie” husband is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, and for that Juneau is truly grateful. Since arriving in Juneau about a year ago, Terri has immersed herself into the Juneau culture, especially its food scene. Guiding a food tour is the perfect opportunity for her to share her love of taste and space.


Topping in at 6+ feet, Joel Carpenter definitely commands the room. However, the impressive height belies the twinkling blue eyes and kind countenance of Joel’s welcoming nature. An Alaskan since the ripe old age of nine, when his family moved to Fairbanks, Joel has lived in Juneau for about a year and a half. For him, Juneau’s beautiful mountains with big trees shrouded in clouds is what Alaska is all about.


In September I attended my fourth International Food Bloggers Conference. Each year I meet fellow bloggers, learn about writing, technology, and most of all eat copious amounts of delicious food. This year, as in 2016, the conference was held in Sacramento. I love this city. The people are genuinely warm and friendly, and the town itself is simply delicious.

WHAT A SURPRISE! Blueberry Pancakes

I have said many times that although I do love my captain, he can’t cook. By saying he can’t cook I mean the fella really can’t cook. For example, I remember distinctly a text message conversation a few years ago. Captain:  Whew! I almost burned up the kitchen, but I put the fire out. Me:  Fire? Are you ok? Captain: Yes, all good. Me: Ok.

Meals with Midgi – Everything Pita Chips & Black Pepper Hummus

SNACKS TO GO TEN MILES In the past, I have written about my endeavor to embrace the great outdoors with more than an air hug. Now that I’ve been out and about on several trails, I’m getting more comfortable with my surroundings and I’m no longer as worried that I won’t be able to reach my bear spray should the unfortunate circumstance arise that I’m about to become a bear’s dinner.

Meals with Midgi – Halibut Burgers

Recently Captain Grant took his crew out for a friends and crew fishing day. The sea was kind and bountiful and they each caught a 50 pound or larger halibut.  The last thing Wyatt, one of our deckhands, said to my captain was “Let me know when Midgi is cooking that!” What a great compliment.  Wyatt and the crew have eaten at our home several times and it’s such a nice feeling to know they look forward to it.

Let’s Talk Tastings – V’s Cellar Door

V’s Cellar Door offers a unique dining experience for Juneau visitors and locals. V’s is owned and operated by Venietia Santana, who hails from the East Coast originally. She has lived in Juneau more than 20 years, which in our book makes her a local. We in town know her as “V” and we absolutely adore her food. V is first generation American. Her father is Sicilian and her mother is Irish.