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Cheers to a Tasty Winter!


This winter Juneau Food Tours launched a series of wine education classes. We’ve been asked several questions regarding the classes and what makes them different from, say a wine dinner. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions:

Wine tastings happen all the time, what’s the difference?

We LOVE wine tastings! The more the better. However, we also love learning about wines.  That’s why we created this opportunity.  Our wine expert, Keith Crocker, brings a wealth of knowledge of not only how to taste wines, but also in depth details about each wine, the regions, the varietals, etc. He also makes great suggestions for pairings. The best part is you get to ask him questions. Lots of questions. Get specific, he loves it! The evening is all about you and what knowledge you’re hoping to gain.

Speaking of pairings, is there food at these classes?


Yes. There are platters of cheeses, breads, fruits, and other items to pair with the wines. We provide enough to allow you to sample each wine with everything on the platter. The amounts are sufficient to stave off hunger, but are not a meal.

How do I remember all the info I learned at the class?

We are happy to help with that! In addition to printed literature specific to each wine class, guests are provided a personal hard-covered wine journal. The journal is designed for long-term use as a reference manual, with ample room to write down detailed information about each wine, as well as any tasting notes you don’t want to forget. These journals are also small enough to take with you to other wine tastings or to the wine store. They are perfect for documenting that delicious wine you had with dinner.

Why wine classes?

The classes are the next step in the evolution of Juneau’s growing dining scene and allow guests plenty of time to embrace the wines and to understand more of what they are drinking. The next time you’re having dinner at one of the city’s fabulous eateries, you’ll be able to choose the wine that best fits your pallet.

Do I need to make reservations?

Yes. Reservations are essential. As with any event involving food or wine, we need to let our partners know how much to provide. We wouldn’t want to run out of vino!  Booking is easy and can be done online.


If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected], or call us (907) 723-8478. Classes run monthly, and dates are noted on our calendar.

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