Maybe you’re new to town. Or you’re only here for eight hours. Or you live here but are having visitors.  What do to?  In the summer season, Juneau has a plethora of activities to answer that question.  Helicopter rides, glacier sightseeing tours, whale watching, fishing, even dog sledding are among the choices. With so much to do, why should you choose Juneau Food Tours?

  • You have to eat. Even if you’re visiting via a cruise ship, eating is probably going to come up during your visit. The tricky part is where.  Juneau offers some amazing food, but which one is going to be the right choice?  We try to help with that decision. Featuring six of Juneau’s top dining locations and an historic bar, Juneau Food Tours did the research for you to ensure that when you dine, it’s the best the city has to offer.


  • Midgi

    Midgi Moore Owner, Juneau Food Tours

    The company is owned by an expert. Midgi Moore, JFT owner, has been a food writer/blogger in the city for more than seven years. She takes the food scene seriously and works closely with restaurant owners, managers, and chefs in choosing each location and tastings. The tour is all about real Alaskan food by real Alaskans.


  • The walk is relatively easy. It’s not far to the food in Juneau. In fact the city is quite walkable and the tour is just over a mile. There are a few stairways in some locations, but the walk is beautiful and has some amazing scenery. You’re never outside the main downtown corridor, which makes finding your way around town a fun adventure.


  • There’s more than just food. We feed more than your belly — we feed your mind as well.

    dog statue

    Patsy Ann Juneau’s Official Greeter

    Our guides share lots of great history and fun facts about Juneau, Douglas Island, and the state of Alaska.


  • Speaking of the guides, all of the JFT guides are local Alaskans and live here year round. They are knowledgeable about the food scene, the arts and culture, and activities that are happening. Each guide interjects her/his personality to the tour, allowing our guests to get to know the locals.


  • food tour

    Midgi sharing delicious tips with guests

    Speaking of locals, we go where the locals go. If you’re looking for a “touristy” tour, this isn’t it. We go where the locals go to eat, drink, and hang out.  Many of the locations aren’t terribly busy during the day, because we locals are still at work.  By the end of the tour it is our hope that guests feel like they experienced the city with a friend.


  • There’s no this or It’s this and that. The tour is only 2.5 hours, which gives guests plenty of time to enjoy some of the other exciting things to do in Juneau. If you are eager to plan additional activities, let us know — we’re happy to make recommendations.

The Tour with Taste is 2.5 hours, 6 tastings locations, 8 tastings total and covers about 1 mile. The numbers add up to a delicious time in Juneau!

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