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A Tour with Taste

Fishermens Memorial

Most tours, adventures and excursions in Juneau will offer information about the forest, the wildlife, the glaciers, and some historic facts.  Juneau Food Tours is no different.  While we focus primarily on the food, our goal is to ensure each guess takes away a “wow” factor regarding Juneau and its colorful history.

For example, we start at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial.  This beautiful monument recognizes those courageous fishermen — and women — whose passion for the cold Alaskan waters bring such delicacies as salmon, halibut, cod, and crab to our tables. The memorial is just the beginning of our historic and cultural excursion.

Salmon Types

Photo courtesy of Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

We also discuss the five species of salmon and teach guests a fun mnemonic trick to help remember them – we talk with our hands.As we stroll along the docks of the Gastineau Channel guests will be treated to views such as Douglas Island and Mt. Roberts. Guests are encouraged to be on the lookout for eagles. They are frequent visitors in the downtown area.

The tasting locations were specifically chosen to highlight Alaskan’s mouthwatering food, as well as historical moments and landmarks.  Tracy’s King Crab Shack, for example, is known worldwide for succulent king crab legs and award-winning king crab bisque. The Alaskan Gourmet Foods store will showcase smoked salmon and other delicacies.  Each of the locations is historical and tasty.

We call Juneau Food Tours a “Tour with Taste” because a taste of history and culture is included with the delicious fare. Click here to book your tour today.

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