About Juneau Food Tours

Juneau Food Tours was started to share my passion for food and my love of this picturesque city. Each tasting location was chosen to highlight the delicious food, intriguing culture, and beautiful scenery of Southeast Alaska.

Executive Team

Kelly "Midgi" Moore


I am Kelly Moore, but most everyone calls me Midgi. I have spent the past six years writing and blogging about Juneau and the delicious food scene here.

If you love seafood, Juneau is the place to be. If you love smoked meats and imported cheeses, Juneau is the place to be. If you love old world charm, ginger cookies with a bite, and great wines, Juneau is the place to be.

I invite you to join me on a culinary Alaskan adventure to experience the best Juneau has to offer in food, fun, and breathtaking scenery.