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Let’s Talk Tastings – Deckhand Dave’s

Food Truck

Although there are no roads in or out of Juneau, the city boasts a vibrant food truck industry. Between tacos, pizza, bar-be-cue, and even kelp salsa, hungry visitors and locals are assuredly able to find something to sate their appetites.

Juneau Food Tours is proud to include the very popular food truck, Deckhand Dave’s, as a tasting location on both culinary tours, Tour with Taste and Juneau Bites & Booze. The tastings vary according to the tour, however, the deliciousness is consistently served.

Dave McCasland, aka Deckhand Dave, is a young, personable, and enthusiastic chef. He is as passionate about his food as he is fishing. Dave started his culinary career as a commercial fisherman. While working as a deckhand on a commercial boat, he also served as the crew’s cook. I’m told he never slept. Fishing is serious business in this part of the world, as is eating.

Our primary tour, A Tour with Taste, features Deckhand Dave’s panko crusted salmon filets. We opted for this tasting in part because of the care he takes when choosing the ingredients for his house-made tartar sauce, which is served with the salmon filets. He practically beams like a proud papa when he speaks of the pickles used in the sauce. And, nope, he doesn’t share the recipe.


For our newest tour, Juneau Bites & Booze, we wanted to highlight the essence of the location. This tasting features Dave’s blackened rockfish tacos, and because it’s a booze tour, we pair it with an Alaska brewed beer.


Deckhand Dave is a young entrepreneur who dreams of owning a more formal dining establishment. The quality of food, the great service, and his dedication to serving only the best tells us, he’s off to a great start.

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