A Tour with Taste

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Sip, Savor & Learn

In our inaugural class, we will explore the wines of Argentina. The fifth largest producer of wine in the world, this regionally complex country has many varieties of grapes reflecting the country’s vast immigrant population and resulting in wines such as the well-known Malbec. We invite you to take a stroll through the temperate climate and foothills of Argentina with six tastings and a variety of food pairings. Each wine is selected to highlight the authentic flavors of the region.

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Juneau Bites & Booze

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Wine Education Classes - Sip, Taste, Learn

It’s happened to all of us – the invitation to a dinner party and being asked to bring the wine. The questions begin to fly around your head. What is being served? Fish? Beef? Chicken? Vegetarian? What wine pairs with what?

Wine pairing is not just for the sophisticated and refined. It is for everyone.  Let us help you take the fear out of choosing the correct wine for that special occasion or to have with that pizza on Monday night.

Join us for a series of wine education classes that will enhance your knowledge and delight your pallet. Each class will include a tasting of at least six wines, paired with cheeses and small bites.

Guest instructor, Keith Crocker of Specialty Imports, will bring his expertise to train guests in the elements of wine tasting and selecting. Learn what terms such as body, nose, and tannin actually mean. Keith has more than two decades of wine and beverage experience and recently completed his advanced certification in wines and spirits from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust.

Juneau Food Tours wine classes are more than samplings; they are designed to immerse guests in the fine art of wine tasting and education. The next time you are tasked with bringing the wine, you’ll be well prepared.