A Tour with Taste

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Wine Education Classes

In our inaugural class, we will explore the wines of Argentina. The fifth largest producer of wine in the world, this regionally complex country has many varieties of grapes reflecting the country’s vast immigrant population and resulting in wines such as the well-known Malbec. We invite you to take a stroll through the temperate climate and foothills of Argentina with six tastings and a variety of food pairings. Each wine is selected to highlight the authentic flavors of the region.

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Juneau Bites & Booze

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Prohibition Progressive Party - A Toast to Repeal

As a US territory, Alaska was swept up in the era of temperance and bootleggers. The music was hot and the booze did flow –  whether the G-men liked it or not.  Learn how the 18th Amendment created a time in US and Alaskan history that we all know as Prohibition.

Using secret passwords and special codes, we’ll enter the world of speakeasies and dine on decadent food at three of Juneau’s top restaurants.  Oh and the drinks are included so no worries about wetting your whistle.

Prohibition…the time of T-totalers, Jazz music, and speakeasies. A time when life was decadent and being naughty was ever so nice.  Juneau Food Tours will take you down that decadent path on the Prohibition Progressive Party.  Three courses, three cocktails, three locations.  It’s an evening of food, booze, and history.

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