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Taste Alaska!

Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying and planning and dreaming about a trip to Alaska? Wait no more! Visit Alaska from the comfort of your home with a Taste Alaska! box subscription. As a Taste Alaska! seasonal or annual member, you can have an array of delicacies from the Last Frontier delivered right to your door.

Your purchase of a Taste Alaska! box helps support local Alaskan vendors whose livelihood typically relies on tourism from cruise ships that haven’t visited in a year and are unlikely to come back again in 2021. However, Alaskans are tough people and cruise ships are unable to bring travelers to us, we found a way to come to you!

Each box is the brain-child of Midgi Moore, owner of Juneau Food Tours, with themes and price points for any occasion, and each item in every box is hand-selected to help tell a story of Juneau and share with you a little taste of Alaska.”