Culinary host Terri Mills and Juneau have one thing in common:  they both love Coasties! Terri’s “Coastie” husband is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard, and for that Juneau is truly grateful. Since arriving in Juneau about a year ago, Terri has immersed herself into the Juneau culture, especially its food scene. Guiding a food tour is the perfect opportunity for her to share her love of taste and space.

Hailing from Maryland, Terri spent many years in the world of human resources serving employers in the fields of medical research, environmental services, real estate, and high tech. Today, when not guiding, she’s happy spending time out on the water on her new boat (!), walking one of Juneau’s many excellent trails, “the glacier never ceases to amaze me”, or mastering the art of gardening in a rainforest environment; container gardening is her new best friend.

Cooking is another prime interest for Terri, and she’s currently experimenting with baking bread. And, oh yes, cooking fresh Dungeness crabs caught from her new boat!  From her worldly travels, her best tip for visitors to Machu Picchu is “take the train!”

If you are fortunate enough to have Terri as your epicurean guide, expect to be charmed and entertained by her vibrant personality and local knowledge. As for Juneau’s food scene, she says “There is much more diversity than you would imagine.” Prepare to be surprised.

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