Making the move from Southeast Texas to Southeast Alaska, Charlie has “survived five winters” in Juneau and is looking to survive many more.  A married mother of two, Charlie’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious, and a food tour guided by her is guaranteed to be an entertaining (and delicious) experience.

A product of “corporate America” – think HR management at places like Enron, Continental Airlines, and Devon Energy – and of “academia” — eight years as a professor of business – Charlie now takes on the challenge of making vacation dreams into realities.  Guests on her tours know immediately they are in the presence of an extraordinary personality, and she does not disappoint.

Thought it’s highly unlikely, if you need to create “small talk,” ask her about her passion for CrossFit or her love of astronomy and the aurora (“anything sky-related”).  And oh yes, she was indeed a roller derby lass (but that’s another story), and she’s visited 22 countries.  Ask her if she’s been to yours!

Charlie is so excited to be working as a culinary guide for Juneau Food Tours. She joins is as our Lead Culinary Host/Operations Assistant.  According to her, Juneau’s dining scene is “scrumptious,” and she wants to share it with you.

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