LET’S TALK TASTINGS – McGivney’s Downtown

When one thinks of Alaskan food, the first thing to come to mind is seafood. We locals like to boast that Alaska offers THE best seafood. Not only is it fresh from the cold Pacific waters, it’s also wild. Alaska does not have fish farms. In fact, it’s in the state constitution fish farming is not allowed.

But what if fish isn’t your thing? On occasion we will host a guest or two who is leery of seafood. We usually discover that this is due in part to being served less than fresh fish when they were children. When presented with wild Alaskan salmon, king crab bisque, or halibut, we generally see a change of heart.

However, once in a while, there is a dish that is a must-have, even if it isn’t seafood. That dish is hog wings, or as we like to call them “hawg” wings, served at McGivney’s Downtown. We’re talking about a smoked pork shank that’s been deep fried and then basted in a sweet-yet-spicy barbecue sauce.

“You missed a spot.” There’s no wrong way to eat a hawg wing!


What started out to be a “substitute” tasting on our Tour with Taste rapidly became a favorite with our guests.  The hawg wing was the inspiration for our Bites & Booze tour.  When paired with the hard cider from Alaska Cider House, this tasting has even the most discerning food enthusiast sighing in gluttonous euphoria.

McGivney’s is owned and operated by Dave McGivney. He is a local who loves sports (hence the sports theme ambiance of his eateries). Yes, there are two of these delightful locations in Juneau — quite possibly the city’s only locally-owned non-franchised chain. Their motto is “Every game, every day” which explains the dozens of television screens throughout each location.

We are thrilled to have McGivney’s as a tasting partner. We think it adds that little something extra to our guests’ dining experience. Because pigs really do fly in Alaska!

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