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Scranton, Leslie -1Leslie is a school counselor during the winter months, however her passion for Juneau and the food scene are a perfect combination to be a Juneau Food Tour guide.  Leslie was born and raised in Juneau and has spent much of her life living and thriving in Alaska’s capital city.  There was the brief stint in Colorado, seven years to be precise, when she and her family raised a herd of 14 Rocky Mountain Elk as a hobby. Because everyone needs a good hobby.

Her preference for food leans toward pub-style, which means she’s most often found in McGiveny’s, Hangar on the Wharf, and Devil’s Hideaway.  She loves a good burger and fish tacos.  Be sure to ask her about her favorite places.  Leslie’s knowledge of Juneau’s food scene, history, and activities is gleaned from living here year-round in addition to volunteering with Travel Juneau.  After the tour, she can assist guests with finding new and exciting activities in our beautiful city.

Leslie loves to cook and is well known for preparing real Alaskan food, particularly smoking and canning her own salmon.  She has created award-winning jam, jelly and preserves recipes, garnering several blue ribbons at Southeast Alaska State Fair.  When not cooking or dining, she is a novice photographer and loves wandering around Juneau capturing the natural beauty of the last frontier.

Guests fortunate to have Leslie as their guide will enjoy her banter, knowledge, and are encouraged to ask her about her “special” table made from the tiles of Alaska’s first swimming pool.

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