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Cindee is a blogger and we thought it would be fun to let her introduce herself and share her experience as a guide. 

Juneau is the most beautiful town, especially when it stops raining. I’ve lived in here for almost 20 years and know a thing or two about being a Juneauite (what we like to call ourselves). This summer I joined Juneau Food Tours because I love food and was ready to try something that would be different from my normal schedule of chauffeuring, sleepovers, housework, yard work, and chicken herding (which is a lot like running kids to lessons with all the appropriate shoes, instruments, and paperwork).  Thousands of visitors flock to Juneau each year and they have to eat, so why not be part of a great team that shows them the best food Juneau has to offer. I was trained by the owner, Midgi, and was soon ready to lead a group of guests through culinary delight.

I had planned to write about my first tour but it actually did not go that well.  At one point I walked the wrong direction and when I stopped quickly in horror, the clients stacked up behind me like colliding baby ducks.  Not smooth, not smooth at all.

To spare myself the humiliation of sharing that experience, I’ll tell you about the tour I had yesterday.  One of the things I like best about the job is meeting people with whom I would never interact otherwise.  On this particular tour I met two pharmacists from Philadelphia.  (Now that is just fun to say.)  They were adventurous and didn’t hesitate to dive in to new tastes including smoked salmon, smoked salmon caviar, and bull kelp (seaweed) marmalade. Our first stop was the famous Tracy’s King Crab Shack. We arrived there when they were not that busy, which is almost never!  We sat on stools at the counter right in front of the kitchen.  The cooks showed off different kinds of crab and told us about the dishes the guests were eating. I got to bask in the appreciation of my guests, as they took that first bite of bisque. Although I had nothing to do with how good the food was, it was wonderful to be a part of the experience.

The adventure continued at V’s Cellar Door, with V’s famous shrub cocktails.  Back in the 1700s you couldn’t ask your bartender for a Manhattan, as it wasn’t invented yet. On the other hand you needed to flavor your alcohol with something.  I imagine thirsty people looked around and thought, “Hey, what if I put some spare fruit or vegetables in vinegar and spices and then fermented them?  I could add wine, and viola! I’d I have a great cocktail.”  This particular shrub was made with pineapple and jalapeno.  The pharmacists from Philly loved it!

We moved on through the rest of the tour eating halibut, and rockfish, while sampling wine and beer. I’m not going to give away too many more details about our tour because I don’t want to spoil the surprise. The best part of all was when we were done, we parted with hugs and I felt like I was saying goodbye to friends.  I’d do this job for nothing but don’t tell Midgi I said that.


About the Author: Cindee Brown-Mills is a blogger, and social media enthusiast. Her blog Grownup-Life focuses on living life as a grown-up when you don’t necessarily know what that means. You can follow her in her often hilarious journey on Facebook.

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