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WHAT A SURPRISE! Blueberry Pancakes

I have said many times that although I do love my captain, he can’t cook. By saying he can’t cook I mean the fella really can’t cook. For example, I remember distinctly a text message conversation a few years ago. Captain:  Whew! I almost burned up the kitchen, but I put the fire out. Me:  Fire? Are you ok? Captain: Yes, all good. Me: Ok.

Meals with Midgi – Everything Pita Chips & Black Pepper Hummus

SNACKS TO GO TEN MILES In the past, I have written about my endeavor to embrace the great outdoors with more than an air hug. Now that I’ve been out and about on several trails, I’m getting more comfortable with my surroundings and I’m no longer as worried that I won’t be able to reach my bear spray should the unfortunate circumstance arise that I’m about to become a bear’s dinner.

Meals with Midgi – Halibut Burgers

Recently Captain Grant took his crew out for a friends and crew fishing day. The sea was kind and bountiful and they each caught a 50 pound or larger halibut.  The last thing Wyatt, one of our deckhands, said to my captain was “Let me know when Midgi is cooking that!” What a great compliment.  Wyatt and the crew have eaten at our home several times and it’s such a nice feeling to know they look forward to it.

Meals with Midgi: Minkie’s Coconut Cake

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Mudrooms. If you haven’t heard of Mudrooms, it’s a fantastic monthly event at which six or seven folks get up and tell a story. The event is a tiny bit more structured than I’m relaying, but the overall gist is to share life experiences through the age-old method of storytelling.

Meals with Midgi: Sweet Flavors of Fall

Like most Alaskans, I love me some king crab.  During the summer I frequent Tracy’s King Crab Shack several times in a gluttonous frenzy to get my fill before the season is over.  I have also been known to dine on this savory crustacean at many of the other fine eateries in Juneau.  One thing I’ve never done is make my own.

Meals with Midgi: When a taco isn’t just a taco

There’s something about tacos. They are magical food. Take an ordinary corn or flour tortilla, fry it just a bit, then fill it with whatever your heart desires. I’ve written about my quest to eat fish tacos at every place available in Juneau. I am still looking for suggestions, so please keep them coming. There’s just something about the simple taco that is epicurean perfection.

Meals with Midgi: Life Sure is Peachy

Peach Caprese – California Cling Peach Association A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my third International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC). This annual event brings together 300 or more men and women who photograph, research and write about food and the culinary industry. In other words, they’re my kind of people. The 2016 conference was held in Sacramento, the Farm to Fork capital of the U.

Meals with Midgi: Perfecting Southeast Salmon Tacos

Is it me, or is there an abundance of places in town with extraordinarily delicious fish tacos? There’s the Hangar, with its seared halibut fish tacos. V’s Cellar Door restaurant and food truck have killer fish tacos. Then there’s the Taqueria. Let’s not forget the Baranof’s Capital Café, which has amazing fish tacos. So good in fact, they were one of the top tastings on my tour last summer.

It’s a Full Moon in Alaska

    Ahhh…summer. Daylight seems to go on forever and on those rare, sunny days in Southeast Alaska time seems to stand still. As I write this column, we are experiencing such a phenomena. Even I, who can almost always be found in a sweater, with my feet covered in wooly socks, am sporting a sun dress and open-toed shoes. It’s truly a perfect day.

New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid in town and Juneau is lucky to have him. His name is Tommy Patrick and he is the latest addition to Reccia’s (no last name required) delicious management team.  For those of you who don’t know Reecia, she owns several eateries in Juneau. These include The Hangar on the Wharf, Pizzaria Roma, Alaskan Fish & Chips, and Twisted Fish, affectionately known by locals as the Fish.