Juneau is an amazing city with a lot to offer a visitor. Whether you’re here for a few hours or a few days, the many options can be overwhelming.   Our food tour was designed to allow additional time for our guests to enjoy activities before or after the tour.  Here are a few of our favorites: 1) Whale Watching.  Whale watching in Juneau is absolutely spectacular.

Let’s Talk Tastings – Alaskan Hotel & Bar and Alaskan Brewing Company

  The Juneau Food Tours experience combines food with the colorful history of Juneau, Alaska’s capital city. Our visit to the Alaskan Hotel & Bar definitely meets these qualities. The history of the hotel and bar is rich and quite colorful.  Some may recognize it from a 2014 episode of Hotel Impossible. Juneau was founded on the mining industry.

Let’s Talk Tastings – JCP Confections

  One thing visitors may notice when coming to Juneau is a particular brown rubber boot that many Southeast Alaskans wear on a daily basis.  The boots are called Xtratufs® and they are about as common in this part of the world as a salmon swimming upstream.  Jason Puckett, owner of JCP Confections, is a local fellow who has taken this iconic symbol to a whole new level.

Let’s Talk Tastings – Alaskan Gourmet Foods

    It wouldn’t be a culinary tour without a hearty sampling of smoked salmon dip, the signature food for Southeast Alaskans. Nearly everyone who lives in Juneau and the surrounding communities has a recipe for this seafood dip. It usually involves a good amount of smoked salmon, cream cheese, and a few other delicious ingredients.

Let’s Talk Tastings – Tracy’s King Crab Shack

Juneau Food Tours is a culinary walking tour with six tasting locations. This means each location has small samples, or tastings, of the food available at that location. The tour includes restaurants as well as gourmet food stores, so that visitors are treated to great food and the opportunity to take some home. Typically guests don’t have time to shop for the tasty goodies at retail locations.

A Tour with Taste

Most tours, adventures and excursions in Juneau will offer information about the forest, the wildlife, the glaciers, and some historic facts.  Juneau Food Tours is no different.  While we focus primarily on the food, our goal is to ensure each guess takes away a “wow” factor regarding Juneau and its colorful history. For example, we start at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial.

Why Take an Alaskan Food Tour in Juneau?

  I’ve been asked a lot lately why someone should go on a food or culinary tour. My first thought is why not? In an effort to not sound rude or terse, I gave this question some serious thought.  Why an Alaskan food tour? Below are several reasons why a food tour – particularly a Juneau Food Tours tour– is a great choice.   If you love food, you’ll love this tour.

Welcome to Juneau Food Tours!

Hello! Welcome to the Juneau Food Tours Blog. My name is Kelly “Midgi” Moore. Most people call me Midgi, which is my nickname and the name of my food column and food blog, Meals with Midgi. I guess you could say I am a true food enthusiast.  I love eating food, cooking food, reading about food, and when I travel I love participating in food tours. This is why I started Juneau Food Tours.