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Meals with Midgi – Alaska’s the Place for Me

Potato Soup

I just returned from a two-and-a-half week vacation.  I haven’t had a vacation that long since…well…since ever. The Captain and I did go to Hawaii a few years ago for about two weeks, but other than that it’s been about 5 days max.  This was the vacation of a lifetime. We went on a 12-day…

Meals with Midgi: Lima Beans? Yep, I’ll Eat Those

Lima Beans & Pork

This week The Captain and I headed south to visit my parents, affectionately known to our family as Toots and Freckles.  They live in Mesquite, Nevada, which is about 60 miles north of Las Vegas.  I love my parents, as is demonstrated by me leaving the cool, crisp, fresh air of Southeast Alaska for the…

Meals with Midgi: Living Large – Like the Stars

Pop Corn

I have mentioned in previous columns and blog entries my affinity for certain television shows – my guilty pleasures, if you will.  The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has me hooked, and I fully admit it.  We all need those breaks in life that allows us to not have to focus on anything too serious, to relax, and…

Food Writing — It’s Not Just About Food

Tracys crab cakes

Last week I hopped a plane to Seattle for the annual International Food Bloggers Conference. This is a gathering of 300–400 like-minded folks who are passionate about food. This passion is conveyed through food blogs, columns, cookbooks, and photography.  Attendees include new bloggers who are eager to learn more about the mechanics of blogging as…

Juneau Food Tours – After the Season

International Food Conference

As the 2015 summer visitor season winds down, the work at our offices (affectionately known as HQ) continues.  This week I travel to Seattle to the International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC).  This is an annual pilgrimage for many food writers and bloggers who seek to keep updated on food trends and to learn about new…

Meals with Midgi: Another Ten Years? Absolutely!

Buffalo Shrimp

This week marked the eleventh anniversary of when The Captain and I met. For some reason, we never miss out on recognizing this day.  It’s a day of significance for us, even more so than our wedding anniversary, which we celebrate as well. I suppose it’s because this particular day was the beginning of a…

Let’s Talk Tastings – Panhandle Provisions


We like to think of Panhandle Provisions as the “Jewel of Juneau”. The unique flavors and creativity that come from the kitchen of this little hole in the wall deli are unlike anything one can imagine. Kimchi salami, reindeer prosciutto, and Alaskan pork salami are just a few things on the delicious menu.  Owned by…

Meals with Midgi: Dinner is on the Table and in Alaska it’s Rockfish Tostadas


I wonder sometimes am I unique in my expectations that when dinner is on the table, my family will be ready to dine?  I don’t think so, yet I can’t help but wonder.  I give you my family for example. When I was growing up, dinner was served at 6:00pm on the dot and we…



Monday – Friday Rachel works as a clinical social worker. She is also an avid volunteer for Travel Juneau, working in the downtown kiosk greeting visitors. In addition to that volunteer gig, Rachel has been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for quite a few years. Being idle is not in Rachel’s wheelhouse.