Meals with Midgi: Perfecting Southeast Salmon Tacos

Is it me, or is there an abundance of places in town with extraordinarily delicious fish tacos? There’s the Hangar, with its seared halibut fish tacos. V’s Cellar Door restaurant and food truck have killer fish tacos. Then there’s the Taqueria. Let’s not forget the Baranof’s Capital Café, which has amazing fish tacos. So good in fact, they were one of the top tastings on my tour last summer.

Why Choose Juneau Food Tours?

  Chef Lionel of SALT Alaska Maybe you’re new to town. Or you’re only here for eight hours. Or you live here but are having visitors.  What do to?  In the summer season, Juneau has a plethora of activities to answer that question.  Helicopter rides, glacier sightseeing tours, whale watching, fishing, even dog sledding are among the choices.

It’s a Full Moon in Alaska

    Ahhh…summer. Daylight seems to go on forever and on those rare, sunny days in Southeast Alaska time seems to stand still. As I write this column, we are experiencing such a phenomena. Even I, who can almost always be found in a sweater, with my feet covered in wooly socks, am sporting a sun dress and open-toed shoes. It’s truly a perfect day.


    Cindee is a blogger and we thought it would be fun to let her introduce herself and share her experience as a guide.  Juneau is the most beautiful town, especially when it stops raining. I’ve lived in here for almost 20 years and know a thing or two about being a Juneauite (what we like to call ourselves).

New Kid in Town

There’s a new kid in town and Juneau is lucky to have him. His name is Tommy Patrick and he is the latest addition to Reccia’s (no last name required) delicious management team.  For those of you who don’t know Reecia, she owns several eateries in Juneau. These include The Hangar on the Wharf, Pizzaria Roma, Alaskan Fish & Chips, and Twisted Fish, affectionately known by locals as the Fish.

Local scallops inspired by a local chef

One of the most wonderful aspects of dining in a particular town is knowing that the chefs are local. The fact that they have ties to the community makes them more real, authentic, and even endearing. Chef Lionel Uddipa is one of these chefs. He moved to Juneau from the Philippines when he was two years old and has made a career out of creating culinary delights.


Leslie is a school counselor during the winter months, however her passion for Juneau and the food scene are a perfect combination to be a Juneau Food Tour guide.  Leslie was born and raised in Juneau and has spent much of her life living and thriving in Alaska’s capital city.

Bacon snack, bears, and beans

Well, it’s finally happened. I actually went on a hike. Not a nice stroll on a trail, but an honest to goodness, bona fide hike. And I didn’t die, pass out, or get eaten by a bear. As many may know, I have never really embraced the great outdoors. In fact, I mostly give it that polite air hug. You know, the kind you give people you know, but don’t really know. This year, I’ve been determined to change that.


Joining the team for 2016 is Elizabeth Arnett. We are very excited to have her as a guide. Elizabeth worked for Travel Juneau, the city’s marketing organization, for more than nine years and has been living in Juneau for 26 years.  She’s definitely a local who knows a lot about Alaska’s capital city. When asked about her favorite place to be in Juneau, Elizabeth replied, “It’s so hard to pick just one.

As Seen on TV

I watch a lot of food television. The Food Network and Cooking Channel are my go-to stations for binge TV. I will confess that I’m not into the contest cooking shows. I’m looking to learn new techniques, plating ideas, and recipes. Cooking contest shows cause me anxiety.  Food is very subjective. Some people like more salt, some less. Some love cilantro, some say it tastes like soap.