Let’s Talk Tastings – Deckhand Dave’s

Although there are no roads in or out of Juneau, the city boasts a vibrant food truck industry. Between tacos, pizza, bar-be-cue, and even kelp salsa, hungry visitors and locals are assuredly able to find something to sate their appetites. Juneau Food Tours is proud to include the very popular food truck, Deckhand Dave’s, as a tasting location on both culinary tours, A Tour with Taste and Juneau Bites & Booze.

Cheers to a Tasty Winter!

This winter Juneau Food Tours launched a series of wine education classes. We’ve been asked several questions regarding the classes and what makes them different from, say a wine dinner. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions: Wine tastings happen all the time, what’s the difference? We LOVE wine tastings! The more the better. However, we also love learning about wines.

Meals with Midgi: Minkie’s Coconut Cake

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Mudrooms. If you haven’t heard of Mudrooms, it’s a fantastic monthly event at which six or seven folks get up and tell a story. The event is a tiny bit more structured than I’m relaying, but the overall gist is to share life experiences through the age-old method of storytelling.

Meals with Midgi: Sweet Flavors of Fall

Like most Alaskans, I love me some king crab.  During the summer I frequent Tracy’s King Crab Shack several times in a gluttonous frenzy to get my fill before the season is over.  I have also been known to dine on this savory crustacean at many of the other fine eateries in Juneau.  One thing I’ve never done is make my own.

Meals with Midgi: When a taco isn’t just a taco

There’s something about tacos. They are magical food. Take an ordinary corn or flour tortilla, fry it just a bit, then fill it with whatever your heart desires. I’ve written about my quest to eat fish tacos at every place available in Juneau. I am still looking for suggestions, so please keep them coming. There’s just something about the simple taco that is epicurean perfection.


Rachel Gearhart – master fisher! Monday – Friday Rachel works as a clinical social worker. She is also an avid volunteer for Travel Juneau, working in the downtown kiosk greeting visitors. In addition to that volunteer gig, Rachel has been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for quite a few years. Being idle is not in Rachel’s wheelhouse. Her favorite Juneau places are Sunshine Cove and downtown.

Meals with Midgi: Life Sure is Peachy

Peach Caprese – California Cling Peach Association A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending my third International Food Bloggers Conference (IFBC). This annual event brings together 300 or more men and women who photograph, research and write about food and the culinary industry. In other words, they’re my kind of people. The 2016 conference was held in Sacramento, the Farm to Fork capital of the U.

IFBC No. 3

As I sit at my desk writing this blog, my mind wanders to 2014 when I attended my first International Food Bloggers Conference.  It was held in Seattle, which is a mere two hour flight from my home in Juneau, Alaska.  I was excited to attend and I remember a bit nervous as well. I had been blogging for several years, but mostly for friends and families.


Juneau has a way of bringing people together. I have never lived anywhere where community truly meant so much. Whether it’s the 4th of July parade, the Maritime Festival, or even the most recent hot dog event with the Juneau Police Department,  we enjoy coming together as a family related through the common bond of Alaska and the uniqueness of Alaskans.

Retail Partner Highlight – Sketch Stuido

We know that many of our guests arrive to Juneau via cruise ship, which limits their time here in Alaska’s capital city.  The tour is only 2.5 hours to allow guests plenty of time to explore more of the city.  One of the top questions guests ask is “Where can I shop for local items?” JFT likes to support locally owned business, as well as direct guests to the items they’re seeking.