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Meals with Midgi: Perfecting Southeast Salmon Tacos

Salmon Tacos

Is it me, or is there an abundance of places in town with extraordinarily delicious fish tacos? There’s the Hangar, with its seared halibut fish tacos. V’s Cellar Door restaurant and food truck have killer fish tacos. Then there’s the Taqueria. Let’s not forget the Baranof’s Capital Café, which has amazing fish tacos. So good…

Why Choose Juneau Food Tours?


Maybe you’re new to town. Or you’re only here for eight hours. Or you live here but are having visitors.  What do to?  In the summer season, Juneau has a plethora of activities to answer that question.  Helicopter rides, glacier sightseeing tours, whale watching, fishing, even dog sledding are among the choices. With so much…

Meals with Midgi: It’s a Full Moon in Alaska

Alaska Cabin

Ahhh…summer. Daylight seems to go on forever and on those rare, sunny days in Southeast Alaska time seems to stand still. As I write this column, we are experiencing such a phenomena. Even I, who can almost always be found in a sweater, with my feet covered in wooly socks, am sporting a sun dress…

Meals with Midgi: Local scallops inspired by a local chef


One of the most wonderful aspects of dining in a particular town is knowing that the chefs are local. The fact that they have ties to the community makes them more real, authentic, and even endearing. Chef Lionel Uddipa is one of these chefs. He moved to Juneau from the Philippines when he was two…

Meals with Midgi: Four Seasons Ghostbusters – A Treat to Remember

Yummy Drink

Although Halloween has passed, this drink will stay in my memory for a long time. This column was written a few months ago, but as I have another chocolate martini, I felt it appropriate to share. Halloween doesn’t hold the excitement for me that it does for many. My children are grown and we don’t…